Chapter 2.8

Blair is becoming quite the social butterfly. One day, she met a little boy named Milo at school.  Milo would invite Blair to the park every now and again. Since Blair and Ailani spent evenings and weekends at the park anyway, Blair always accepted the invite. Even though Milo seemed a bit hot-headed, she’d play with him anyway. Blair even caught a frog for Blake’s room with Milo’s help.

While playing in the park one, a weird stalker type guy came around. Weird thing is, he told Milo and Blair that his name was Mitchell and tried to offer them half eaten hotdogs. Luckily Ailani was doing some collecting and harvesting  nearby, or else the creepy hotdog guy might have tired something. Ailani had taken an official job as an Amateur Entertainer. Not only that, instead of practicing most days, he’d go digging or harvesting for things to sell. Every night for two weeks he came home dirty and smelly, yet smiling.


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