Thick as Thieves

Chapter 2.9

Ailani and I  were working so much, that we ended up having to send Blake to a babysitter in Oasis Springs. We’d drop him on the way to work and pick him up on the way home.

01-01-16_7:26:15 AM

Just before Blake aged-up, I got that sick feeling again. I wasn’t sure if the kids had passed something on to me or if I was pregnant. I guess only time would tell.

By the time Blake did age up, I was in my second trimester. I was worried that Blair and Blake wouldn’t get along, but of course they were thick as thieves almost immediately! Blake hadn’t turned out to have the same temperament as he did when he was a baby.

01-01-16_7:51:00 AM

Blake Baehr

Son of Ailani Baehr

Self Assured

Rambunctious Samp

Later that night, Ailani told me he had a surprise for us. He told me to pack up the kids’ rooms and meet him out back in 2 hours. I got the kids to pitch in, all the while asking me why we were packing. I didn’t know wether to be upset or excited.


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