Making Moves

Chapter 2.10

Apparently Ailani had been secretly saving all of his earnings from whatever he could collect and harvest. He’d put all of his extra money towards buying a house and having it moved from Newcrest to here in Willow Creek. He’d found a nice couple who wanted to buy our old house and were ready to move in any day now. So!! We got a new house!!

Ailani’s POV

The kids were so excited to be moving into a new house. Once they saw how big their new rooms were, they didn’t want to go to sleep. Natalie and I setup their beds and sent them off to try and get some sleep. Luckily it was the weekend, so they could sleep in as late as they wanted. I started setting up the kitchen so that Natalie could make breakfast for the first time in our new place. And as luck would have it, the refrigerator broke. So we decided it was time we upgraded. Not soon after that, the shower broke too. Living the dream.

I decided I would keep collecting and harvesting around town. Maybe I’d be able to save enough to upgrade the shower too. I really wanted an even larger house but that would take a little longer. After all, the kids would grow up and move out sometimeright?


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  1. Francisca says:

    Yay, I’m all catched up to your story! You’re doing an interesting combo of ideas. And the kiddos are adorable, especially Blair. I was curious though, in the fist part of the story it seemed as if the house was very important. So I thought your Highlander had to stay in the house, but I understand now that this is not the case?

    Anyhow, I like this! I’ll keep following your updates. 🙂


    1. iamdun says:

      Thank you. Ah the house! Wasn’t big enough to keep the Highlander there at the moment but you make a GREAT point! Thanks so much for reading!


  2. Your making awesome progress!

    Liked by 1 person

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