Not Growing Old

Chapter 3.1

Later that morning, before the sun even rose, I heard a light tap at the door. I peeked out but there was no one there. I stepped out only to find, a shield leaning up against the house. Next to it was a vile with a glowing liquid. I picked up the liquid and stared at it for a moment. Then it hit me, my birthday was tomorrow and this must have been the vial my dad told me about…the Highlander Crest. I hung the Crest at the door to symbolize my destiny.

I proceeded into the house, to try and secretly drink the concoction. I didn’t want the kids to know about it and I certainly didn’t want to upset Natalie. Especially while she was pregnant. The kids had already gotten up and were checking out the frog in Blake’s room. I snuck into Blair’s room, sat down and the bed and threw back the liquid in one motion. I didn’t feel any different than before, but I knew there was no need for a birthday celebration tomorrow. I proceeded to fix the shower and clean the house while the kids ate brunch and did their homework.

After a few days in the new house Natalie wrote what turned out to be another great novel. I continued to do some things around the house (while Blake followed my every move) and Blair started her own art gallery in her room. Everyone seemed to be settling into our new home, until Blair had trouble keeping her food down.


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