Starlight Shores Meets Jared


Starlight Shores Vamp

After having everything he owned destroyed, Jared decided to leave Riverview, and start another life in Starlight Shores. He was no longer human, but something more powerful.


A vampire with unique talents. Jared wasted no time spreading his name around Starlight Shores. He had a few connects in Riverview that he kept in contact with.


Selling any drug he could get his hands on, Jared was determined to take over Starlight Shores. He worked during the day and partied all night. Jared was making money, but yet it wasn’t enough.


During one of his wild parties, Jared received a phone call that would change his life in a way that he never imagined. A well known drug lord named Alfonz demanded that he meets with Jared as soon as possible to discuss some future business plans.


Jared was surprised that Alfonz even knew who he was, but he was not…

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