Blake’s Coming of Age


Chapter 3.7

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Blake completed his childhood aspirations, and became pretty close to the twins along the way.

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He asked his sister to decorate his room, since he was never really the creative type. So we upgraded his bed and Blair did the rest.

01-08-16_11:00:37 PM01-08-16_11:00:31 PM01-08-16_10:56:06 PM

Blake Baehr (Teen)

Self Assured, Gloomy

Fabulously Wealthy

Career Goals

Fast Food


Blake wants to earn as much money as he can, and he plans to start now. He hasn’t really thought about settling down, but if he met the right girl he would surely consider it.

Writer’s note:

Ailani and Blake (Ailani is his father too).

Create a spouse for Blake and upload her to the gallery with the hashtag #spouseforBlake. Only rule, must be a YA and have darker skin that Blake.  Comment your Origin ID below.


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