Coming of Age


Chapter 3.6

01-08-16_4:46:19 PM01-08-16_5:49:30 PM

Blair grew into a lovely teen. She wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do as far as a profession when she was an adult, but she was full of ideas.

01-08-16_5:01:24 PM01-08-16_5:01:11 PM

We upgraded Blairs bed, and she did the rest.

01-08-16_8:54:01 PM01-08-16_9:40:28 PM

Blair got a job as a Barista! But after a week she was way too tired to focus on school work, chores or any of the skills she’d been so eager to improve on. So I made her quit.

01-08-16_9:41:36 PM01-08-16_9:41:20 PM

Natalie and Blair became even closer once she got a bit older. Every mother’s dream.

01-08-16_10:12:29 PM01-08-16_10:10:31 PM01-08-16_10:08:56 PM

After getting caught up on the important things, Blair began to spend time with Milo. She even made some time for Mitchell who never stopped calling to come over.

01-08-16_5:19:25 PM01-08-16_5:19:18 PM01-08-16_5:59:12 PM01-08-16_5:59:14 PM

Blair Baehr (Teen)

Self Assured, Bookworm

Renaissance Sim

Career Goals

Barista, Painter, Musician, Business

Blair wants to do a bit of everything! Once she’s done, she wants to settle down and have one or two children of her own…with Milo.


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