The Children of Newcrest

Chapter 3.4

As time went on, the kids grew older and wiser.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.51.22 PM

Mitchell got married to a outdoorsy type named Paula. They had two sons named Reed (yellow tee) and Seth. They settled in Oasis Springs. We never met the family but Mitchell still hangs out with us.

01-06-16_9:27:24 PM.png

01-06-16_9:27:00 PM.png   01-06-16_9:32:52 PM.png01-06-16_9:35:21 PM.png

We finally met The Fritz family after Blair and Milo became really good friends. Poca (Native American Female) Bernard (White Male) and their two kids Milo and Mya.


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  1. All caught up 😀 The children are so cute and nice to meet the families. It’s good to see Mitchell has his own family 😀


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