The Sickness

Chapter 3.2

Poor Blair had some bug for a whole week!! One minute she’d be dizzy, the next she’d have a rash. She was such a trooper though. From time to time I’d see her trying to watch TV or draw new pictures but it just wasn’t working out. She took a nap here and there, soaked in the tub and even tried to nap next to me to stay warm. Nothing seemed to help and the poor thing didn’t want me to leave her side.

Eventually we had to order medicine for Blair. Her immune system just couldn’t kick this bug. As soon as Blair was better, Blake got sick. Luckily his only lasted about a day. Whew.

Not long after having cared for the kids, Natalie wasn’t feeling to hot herself. We suspected it was only morning sickness. Her cooking skills were getting better though!


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